Luke Andreesen

Computer Science & Economics Student @ the University of Chicago

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About Me

Hi! My name is Luke Andreesen, and I'm a 3rd year student at the University of Chicago. I'm pursuing a double major in Computer Science (B.S.) and Economics (B.A.), and am fascinated by the intersection of the two fields. I've enjoyed a variety of experiences that allow me to pursue these passions, ranging from investment analyst roles to software engineering roles. Currenty, I find myself in the middle of this spectrum as a data science intern at a private equity firm, where I build technology to place deal-sourcing data in the hands of analysts.

I'm extremely passionate about emerging technology, particularly quantum computing, which I researched last summmer at QuMatrix where I utilized technology such as IBM Qiskit to develop quantum algorithms.

Outside of school and work, I enjoy automating things around my house. Most recently, I built a cloud-based automated plant care system, teaching myself the fundamentals of circuitry, electrical engineering, and robotics along the way. I also enjoy rock climbing (pictured to the left). I'm an active member of the UChicago climbing team, and love to compete in competitions throughout the midwest.
  • University of Chicago
    Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
    Bachelor of Arts, Economics
    Expected Graduation: June 2025
  • Invictus Growth Partners
    Data Science Intern
  • Duco Experts
    Security & Intelligence Intern, Software Development Intern (Full Stack)
  • QuMatrix
    Quantum Computing Research Intern
  • Knollwood Club
    Restaurant Manager

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  • Software & Application Development
    Python, Java, C, C++, Ruby on Rails, Docker, Git version control
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
    R, Pandas & NumPY (Python), SQL, Amazon SageMaker & Lightsale, Excel
  • Other Tech
    Quantum Computing Software (Qiskit, Qirq), AWS Cloud Services (EC2, Athena, S3)
  • Finance
    Bloomberg Terminal (BMC Certification), Investment Research, Valuation & Modeling

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My Experience

Quantum Software Engineering Intern

Error Corp.

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Data Science Intern

Invictus Growth Partners

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Full Stack Software Development Intern

Duco Experts

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Security & Intelligence Intern

Duco Experts

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Quantum Computing Research Intern


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Equity Analyst Intern

North Star Investment Management

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IoT Plant Watering System

C++, Microcontrollers, IoT, Electrical Engineering

A software and hardware framework for a cloud-based, IoT-enabled plant care system based on Arduino microcontroller, AC and DC pumps and sensors, controlled via WiFi.

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Portfolio Site

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This site was custom-built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Find the source code below if you're interested in building a simple portfolio site of your own!

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Cancer Incidence Rates vs. Wealth Research Study

R, Data Analysis

I conducted an extensive research project examining the relationship between cancer incidence rates and wealth, seeking to fill significant gaps in research on the topic. I analyzed incidence rates of cancer across 39 sites on human body, across 189 countries. I compared this data to various measures of wealth across these countries, including GDP and GNI using linear regression statistical analysis. The full 30-page paper, along with all code and data, can be found below.

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